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Find the investments that work best for you. With TRADIT you have a selection of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to help you build a strong ETF portfolio, whatever your preference, experience, or risk appetite.

Invest in ETFs

Invest in Low-cost ETFs Across a Wide Range of Industries

Put your eggs in multiple baskets and diversify your portfolio with Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). You can buy the stocks of funds that hold a variety of assets you believe in

Name Price % Change Open Previous Close
DIA Invest
QQQ Invest
ISAG Invest
BRIC Invest
EXS1 Invest
IEMG Invest
IEUR Invest
IJH Invest
AGG Invest
IHAK Invest
DGTL Invest
ECAR Invest
EZU Invest
MIDD Invest
IXC Invest
DH2O Invest
IAU Invest
HEAL Invest
LQD Invest
INDA Invest
EMB Invest
AAXJ Invest
EWA Invest
EWZ Invest
EFA Invest
EWG Invest
EWH Invest
EIDO Invest
EWJ Invest
IKSA Invest
EZA Invest
EWY Invest
EWT Invest
THD Invest
IBB Invest
IWM Invest
IUIT Invest
ICLN Invest
IAI Invest
IYF Invest
IHI Invest
DOG Invest
PSQ Invest
RWM Invest
SH Invest
BOIL Invest
SCO Invest
EPV Invest
GLL Invest
BZQ Invest
EWV Invest
GXC Invest
XLE Invest
FEZ Invest
GLDM Invest
GLD Invest
XHB Invest
XLB Invest
SPY Invest
XME Invest
XLU Invest
XLI Invest
RWR Invest
USO Invest
BUZZ Invest
ESPO Invest
VGK Invest
VNQI Invest
VIXY Invest
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With MT5, you have full transparency of all investment statistics and historical data so you quickly check in on the status of your investments for your PC, smartphone, or tablet.

Clear and Actionable Data

All your investment data is available to you in at-a-glance reports. You don’t need advanced financial skills to understand and grasp how your investments are doing.

Real-time Updates

You don’t have to wait for third-party generated reports. All the data related to your MetaTrader 5 investments are available and updated in real-time.

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Take advantage of TRADIT’s benefits and give your investments a boost.

Start with 10 USD

Open an account with as little as 10 USD and expand your portfolio at your pace.

Fully Own the Assets

Unlike most brokers, with TRADIT you own the underlying asset.

Receive Dividends

Receive dividends every time a company you’ve invested in, distributes them.

Diversify Your Portfolio

Put your eggs in different baskets with 100s of EU and US Stocks and ETFs.

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