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Enjoy all the benefits of a TRADIT investment account, with professional-grade features tailored to the needs of your business.

Why open a TRADIT corporate account?

Tax Advantages*

As a corporate client, you can apply corporation tax where losses on a corporate account could be considered a loss for tax purposes.

Investment Diversification

With access to a broad selection of stocks and ETFs to choose from, a TRADIT account will help diversify your corporate investment portfolio.

Expert Support

At TRADIT you’ll get the support of a friendly and knowledgeable team of experts, who are available to answer any questions you may have.

*Not all countries support tax advantages. If you’re unsure if your country supports corporate tax advantage, speak to a tax professional.

Get a Corporate Account and Share in the Business World’s Success

Your business can own its share of the world’s most successful companies. Give your business an opportunity to see greater returns by investing in companies like Amazon, Apple and Facebook.

Pay Less on Fees

Invest your corporate capital wisely by ensuring more of the capital is going into investing and less into paying broker fees.

Diversify Your Corporate Portfolio

With TRADIT’s corporate account you have a variety of stocks, across dozens of industries to invest in so you can potentially grow your corporate investments with a more diversified portfolio.

Start Investing

Here’s How To Open a Corporate Account

Fill in the Registration Form

Recognise potential market opportunities by using this tool to detect up to 16 chart patterns based on the slope of support or resistance lines.

Submit Your Documents

Next, you’ll be asked to submit the required documentation to verify your company directors and beneficial owners

Login to Your Account

Once you’ve completed step 2, you’ll receive an email with your login details and instructions on how to access your account.

Choose Products to Invest in

Make your first investment, and start building your Axiory corporate account portfolio.

Start Investing

Find the Answers You’re Looking For in the Corporate Account FAQs